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Unlimited Talk n Text Plan                             

Unlimited Prepaid Talk n Text Monthly Plan + 20MB
If you want the best unlimited calling and text messaging plan in the nation for one low monthly price, the Unlimited Talk n Text plan is right for you. Talk and text all you want for only $39.95 a month! Plus, you get 20 MB of data to use each month for things like e-mailing and surfing the web. The Unlimited Talk n Text plan has no hidden fees, and once you’re on the plan you can replenish your account and even set up automatic monthly refills right here on our website. You can also bring (“port”) your existing phone numbers with you to the new service from other plans or from landlines. All this for $39.95 a month, and with the reliability and coverage or our nationwide network!

Automatic Renewal Makes it Easy 
The Unlimited Talk n Text plan is $39.95 per month for unlimited domestic voice minutes, unlimited domestic text messages, and 20 Megabytes of data transfer. Once you activate the Unlimited Talk n Text plan, it will renew automatically every 30 days, provided you have at least a $39.95 balance in your prepaid account.  

Optionally, you can set up an Auto Pay program that automatically charges your credit card $39.95 every 30 days.  To set up Auto Pay create an online account and click on "Auto Pay" after you add a phone.

Standard rates will apply for roaming, international voice, international text, and premium SMS.

To Buy the Unlimited Talk n Text Plan 
Whether you are new to Page Plus or an existing Page Plus customer on a different plan, you must purchase an initial Unlimited Talk n Textcard in order to subscribe to this plan. Once activated, you can use Standard cards or Unlimited Talk n Text cards to ensure the necessary balance is available to renew the plan.



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