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Prepaid Wireless

We’ve teamed with major carriers around the world to become a leader in prepaid wireless. MR Wireless Ohio wholesale’s proven, robust network allows for real-time delivery of airtime. Prepaid Wireless eliminates your hard card inventory and gives you back your valuable shelf space. This means additional revenue for carriers, distributors, ISOs and merchants alike. Choose from multiple deployment options such as POSA, wireless POSA, PC/web, cash register, SMS and IVR.

Prepaid Long Distance

With one of the highest profit margins of all prepaid products, prepaid long distance means convenience and value for your customers, and increased revenue and traffic for you. MR Wireless Ohio wholesale partners with major carriers and MVNOs worldwide, so whether your customer needs to call across the country or around the world, you’ve got the solution. Prepaid long distance is perfect for consumers who don’t need or want to carry a landline account (or who may not qualify for one), and the use of prepaid long distance is growing year over year as a cost-saving and budget-conscious alternative.

Direct Top-Up

No more PINs or IVRs! At MR Wireless Ohio wholesale, we provide enabling technology and unique direct top-up solutions for carriers and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) through direct interfaces with carrier billing systems. Direct top-up is the most efficient and lowest cost way to top-up prepaid wireless services. You get 100% product availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Direct top-up allows the user to simply provide their phone number and the merchant can add the funds at the time of the transaction In addition, customers buy direct top-up for their friends and family – even cross border when part of common transfer corridors.

  • No PINs, no IVRs
  • 24×7x365 availability
  • Direct interface with billing systems
  • Real-time updates of account balances and available minutes
  • Statistically proven to increase ARPU by up to 35%
  • Increases store traffic by up to 100%
  • Real-time, web-based reporting of ARPU, sales by location, recharge amounts, trends

Stored Value Cards

MR Wireless Ohio wholesale offers many popular options for prepaid debit and gift cards. Prepaid debit cards are a sensible alternative to standard credit cards for many consumers. Because values are paid in advance, consumers don’t have to worry about credit checks, and balances are provided real-time, so they always know when it’s time to recharge. And prepaid gift cards make the perfect last minute gift – so why not increase revenue at your POS when customers are looking for a gift solution?

  • Prepaid MasterCard/ATM Debit – We offer one of the hottest new prepaid financial products on the market
  • Prepaid Gift Cards – Process Private Label Gift Card transactions for any of your customers

Bill Payment

In many regions of the world, bill paying is a risky proposition. In others, it’s just a nuisance. MR Wireless Ohio wholesale makes it easier for everyone. MR Wireless Ohio wholesale’s bill payment solutions give you access to thousands of billers, including utilities, post-paid telecommunication providers, insurance, credit cards and many more. With MR Wireless Ohio wholesale’s bill pay, consumers can now pay at local merchant shops, and eliminate the time and risk of taking cash to a payment office. Plus, they get the convenience of being able to pay bills while they take care of their shopping or prepaid top-up. Statistics show that adding bill pay options increases traffic, increased ticket value and increases repeat business.

Cash and Transact™

Your wallet has just gone mobile! MR Wireless Ohio wholesale’s latest product is revolutionizing the way consumers pay for goods and services around the world. With Cash and Transact™, a user can add cash directly onto their mobile handset at any merchant location that is part of the MR Wireless Ohio wholesale network. Cash and Transact™ eliminates the needs to carry cash, and is particularly beneficial in countries, regions and local areas where carrying cash can be dangerous. Once Cash and Transact™ is activated, users can pay taxi fares, book a plane ticket, buy groceries or pay a bill, and top up a prepaid phone account, all from their mobile device. In addition, money can be transferred to family and friends safely and securely – even in remote locations. Click here to learn more about how Cash and Transact™ is changing the way the world handles cash.

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Unique Cross Border Products

As the prepaid market continues its rapid growth and the number of products and services increases, we believe the key to success is differentiation. Unique prepaid products in retail locations generate consumer interest and loyalty as well as revenue growth. We’ve developed direct connections with carriers and financial institutions to provide cross border value transfer. Our relationships in our targeted geographies provide access to many cross border products such as wireless direct top-up, money transfer, bill payment and others to capture more of the overall prepaid market spend and lock in customer loyalty.

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